Meet Daisy Jones-Brown - Founder of Born Beautiful

"My personal experience gives me a unique perspective on natural hair textures and insight into the beauty industry. However, what really sets Born Beautiful apart is the customization of my products along with the education customers receive on the best use of raw ingredients for their hair and skin for optimum health.

Born Beautiful was inspired by my personal experience at a hair salon. As matter of fact every salon visit was a nervous occasion, but on this occasion my worst nightmare was confirmed. I endured a really bad salon experience and suffered chemical burns.  I awoke the next day and my scalp was sore and red and my hair was falling out of my head. I was terrified so I rushed to make an appointment with my dermatologist, I endured a biopsy and had to cut all my hair off and start over. This time I started again natural. I searched for products for my 4C hair and could not find a lot so Born Beautiful was born.

Feeling ignored by most mass retailers after years of searching for products for my kinky and dry hair, I took matters into my own hands and started creating my own hair care products using simple, natural ingredients. Seeing a much bigger problem for women of color, I knew I could help other women on their natural hair journey, especially those whose texture is just as kinky and coily as mine."  — Daisy Jones-Brown