Usually I don’t post (typical wallflower!), but for the past 7 months I have selfishly received beneficial info to help me on my hair journey w/o sharing (good, bad or indifferent). Well what I’ve stumbled on in the back woods of Mississippi on emergency leave in mid-September. We were running some errands in Columbus and met this lady selling 2 haircare products. I was skeptical but considering she was a retired Air Force (and had a beautiful head of hair) I decided to support even though I had little expectations. We returned home and the product went under my cabinet w/the others that I don’t normally use. I made a big mistake of co-washing my hair at the gym and not leaving and leave-in. I got home that evening and had the task of dealing w/ a head of dry, frizzy hair. I didn’t want to rewash, so I pulled out the products I had purchased weeks before in Mississippi. Instantly, the hair butter moisturized every stand of my 3c/4a hair. I was still a little skeptical. It wasn’t until I tried it on my daughter’s tightly coiled 4c hair that she had me convinced that this would replace my staple moisturizing product as I prepare mine and my daughter’s hair for the winter.

I just re-ordered and told Mrs. Daisy at Born Beautiful that I would share my experience with her product. If you are looking for a good moisturizer and/or sealant this one won’t disappoint!
— Beverly B.
Wanted to tell you I love your product. I tried it by itself at first and with my product I am using (curling cream) I was getting ready to try something else because it was drying my hair out, tried your product with it and girl it is wonderful. Your product keeps my hair soft and not dried out, hate my sample is gone. I will put the word out to my natural sisters. Girl you got a winner!
— Cherelle S.
I have had skin problems my entire life. I have dry skin and I am happy to have found your product. It keeps my skin moisturized longer than any of the other products I have tried, it’s not greasy and the mango whip smells amazing. I’m hooked.
— Sarah M.
Merry Christmas! We met at the farmers market a month ago. I love your fabulous mango butter whip!! I would like to purchase two more!
— Yulonda D.